The Crossroads Tavern: Make Yourself At Home

After a long, hard day of riding, you come across a quaint settlement right off the main trail. You approach the largest structure centered among the scattered buildings. The smell of a hot meal and merry sounds allow you to start forgetting about the aches in your feet and back. As you push open the door your immediately know this place. You’ve seen this setting in every trailside tavern in the lands. The locals have gathered to gossip about the day’s happenings. There are few other travelers here too, mixed in with the regulars like they were family. The most pleasant smells of roasted meat and spices is emanating from the back room. A burly man enters from the kitchen carrying several plates. He meets your eye and calls out as he places the steaming food amongst the patrons of a corner table.

A most gracious welcome to you my friend. It warms my heart that you have stumbled upon my little inn during your travels. Please take a seat and let me serve you some drink and vittles from the back. You know, I love to hear stories… and tell them too. A many of brave souls have passed through these parts. If you so wish I can tell you about a few. Or should you need more, an odyssey. What say you?

On these pages you will find the chronicles of one or more bands of adventurers. Their travels throughout the lands of Faerûn or beyond awaiting you. Start from the beginning or spoil the end? Who will you meet, who will you love, and who will you hate?

SWAD Adventurers’ Guild

Meet the Party

Belgwyn Bravefoot the Barbarian Dwarf

Ekim the Half-Elf Ranger

Grozniir Bloodmaw the Gnoll Blood Hunter

Randall “the Rapscalian” the Wood Elf Rogue

Sariel the Eladrin Druid

Seebo the Rock Gnome Artificer

Sylla Viveron the Human Ranger

Tethren Torment the Tiefling Sorcerer

Their Story

Lost Mine of Phandelver

The Job – Session 1 (13 October 2023)

Trouble in Phandalin – Session 2 (27 October 2023)

The Rouge Mage – Session 3 (11 November 2023)

Who is Venomfang? – Session 4 (5 January 2024)