What Is This?

The Blog

Whenever I first come across a website like this, usually via some sort of spiraling black hole of searches and links or the occasional click bait, I ask myself “What did I discover and how in the hell did I get here?”  Let me attempt to give you a little insight if you find yourself here thinking something along those lines.  This is my little corner of the world where I can share what I see through my window without the dressing.  The subject matter covered could be life philosophy, the newest tech that I’ve finally decided to get months behind all others, how my son amazes me in the smallest ways, or just some random question that came up in conversation with the people in my life.  Will you find the answer to life here?  Not even close.  Will you smile, wonder, or just question my sanity?  Hopefully.  Regardless of how you got here or why you spend your precious time reading my take on the world around, I hope that you enjoy and maybe navigate away with a fresh thought that changes the moment.

The Author

Brian Chouinard
Headshot from May 2013 at the summit of Mammoth Mountain.

Now that you think you might understand what you found, who is the person looking out the window?  Well, I’m a husband, father, son, grandson, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, friend, and more to each and every person that touches my life on a regular basis.  I’ve worked in the zoological industry for nineteen years spending the majority of that time in aquariums.  I originally wanted to be an animal behaviorist as a kid, but easily could have become a computer programmer, photographer, or even an accountant (who knows, I’m young, and life has a lot left to teach me) going into college.  One of the last things I ever thought I might do is writing for others.  I guess this outlet is my way to remind myself of the things that make me ‘me’, and the ways that others I encounter constantly change what that is.  I think that the more you read, the more you can answer the question of who is BC.