Life in the UAE During COVID

HAPPY FALL Y’ALL! I hope you are all enjoying the nice crisp cool weather for me. We are still patiently waiting for the weather here to calm down. For the past week or so we have had highs in the low 100’s so I am getting hopeful. Since the weather will hopefully not be a deterrent much longer I thought I would do a post about what is like in the UAE when it comes to COVID.


Random Observations Part I

Well things in Abu Dhabi are falling into a routine but we are still working on getting settled. Tyler has been in school for three weeks now. He likes his teacher and has made a few friends. Between the weather and Covid we haven’t ventured out much, other than to the pool, and to the one of the many malls to get stuff for the apartment. That being said, I thought I would share just a few random observations that I have made during our first month in Abu Dhabi.


The Journey

Hello from Abu Dhabi! We have been in Abu Dhabi for over 2 weeks now and I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog about this little adventure to help keep family and friends updated. Well I have finally decided to do it. I also figured it will be a good way for us to look back and remember it for ourselves, ok mainly me because I am horrible at remembering things. Not to mention the fact that it will help keep me busy and out of trouble.

Book Experiment

A Reading Experiment

My wife has really gotten into re-reading the books around the house to see whether or not they were worth keeping in the limited space we have set aside in the house for our ‘libraries’.  She started using an app on her phone to keep track of her progress.  I’ve thought and thought and thought about whether I wanted to participate with her, but I kept coming back to my own back log of books I’ve either collected or been given to read and have yet to crack them open.  I liked the idea of some sort of app to…


2019 Halloween Display

Back in October of 2017 I ran across a Halloween display while visiting SeaWorld San Diego that really caught my eye. They had three ‘fish’ pumpkins on which they projected jack-o-lantern face animations synced to several songs. After a little searching online I came across the source of their display, The Singing Pumpkins. After some negotiations with a fellow Halloween enthusiast, we decided to go in together on the whole package. I’m not sure what has become of his share of the investment, but I have slowly grown and modified mine over the last few years. The first display was…


Death and Taxes

“Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” –Benjamin Franklin (in a letter dated 1789) I came across yet another news article focusing on the despair that people are having at receiving lower tax refunds, or in some cases paying taxes, this year compared to last.  It seems like every one of these articles has the underlying goal of vilifying the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R.1, 115th Congress, 2017-2018).  While I’m not an expert in financial planning or tax…

Life, Professional, Technology

The Good, The Bad, and The Texting

I can’t think of many people who would disagree with the idea that mobile phones have changed the way that we go about our daily lives.  What some might argue, adamantly at that too, is whether or not it was a good change or not.  Now pay attention. I’m not talking about smart phones here, just plain old mobile phone technology.  This is not about having instant access to the world far beyond your immediate settings.  No, this about the way in which we now communicate.  I firmly believe that humans are social creatures at their core.  I don’t care…


On Being a Safety Leader

“They’re terrified of you!” one of my staff tells me in conversation.  “I just don’t understand why” is all I can say with the most dumbfounded look on my face.  I’m not perfect, but I do feel like I go a good job at making my fellow workers comfortable and successful in their jobs.  Our whole leadership team has an open door policy and most of the staff is in and out of our office regularly with questions, suggestions, and good old plain chitchat.  When I can get out from under the pile of paperwork and desk projects, I make…


The Past, The Present, and The Future?

It’s funny how I’ve been playing around with the idea to write a blog for some time now, how I constantly tell myself that no one will ever read what I write, and the procrastination.  I got the itch to revisit the idea when my wife asked me how much I knew about WordPress for a work project.  I knew nothing beyond what WordPress was; a tool for bloggers, right? Of course, my wife is smart and knew I wouldn’t leave it at that.  Thus started my journey through classes on WordPress, web development, and then many other tangents. …