Family of 3 Becomes Family of 4!

We got a dog! If you thought it was something else than you clearly don’t know me very well. One and done parents right here.

Anyway, we went to the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter a few days ago and Tyler just fell in love with a Husky mix. He really started liking Siberian Huskies over a year ago when he had a class assignment about them. Every time I would see a video of a Husky doing something cute and slightly annoying, I would show him so he could see how talkative and annoying they could be. I thought I was driving home the message that they were not the right kind of dog for us but that plan apparently backfired.

Speaking of plans backfiring, I have spent the past 3- or 4-years distracting Tyler with the promise of a dog. It all started years ago when he said something along the lines of wishing he had a brother or sister. When pointing out all the negative things about having of sibling didn’t work, I distracted him with the idea of getting a dog. “Wouldn’t you much rather have a dog?” He would get so excited about that idea. I would follow it up with, “If you had a dog, what would you name it?”. He would forget all about wanting a sibling and I would always have to end the conversation with, “Well, we can’t get a dog right now because of the cats, but someday”.

This strategy was followed by using the idea of a dog to make our move to Abu Dhabi more exciting. Since the cat(s), more on them later, would not be able to make the move with us due to their health and old age, the window for getting a dog would be more open. So anytime Abu Dhabi didn’t sound like a good idea, or he thought he wanted a sibling, we would talk about our future dog.

Now back to the cats. When I was in college in Fort Worth, I adopted 2 cats from the pet store that I worked at. I am horrible at naming pets so I kept the names that they came with. BJ was a black sweetheart that was a little over a year old. Dweezil was an orange and white goofball that was a little under a year old. Other than when they spent a few years at my parents so I could move to San Diego and then join me after Brian and I had bought our house in 2010, they were with me their whole life.

BJ and Dweezil

In the Fall of 2019 BJ’s health started to fade but he lived a happy loving life until we had to put him down in the Fall of 2020, he was 18. Dweezil became my co-worker while I worked from home during Covid and wanted lots of love and attention from me. As our moving date got closer and closer, I started to worry more and more about what I was going to do with him. He has never been in the best of health, renal failure, heart murmur, hyperthyroidism, etc. Luckily, at the very last minute, literally the very last minute, a nurse at our veterinarian’s office said that she found another vet that was willing to take him in and if that didn’t work out, she would be happy to take him home.

Computer Dweezil

I was, and am, extremely grateful for them both. The vet that adopted him sent me updates about once a week in the beginning to let me know how he was settling in. We have emailed back and forth a few times since then and Dweezil is doing great. He seems to be very comfortable in his new home and is just living out his sunset years as best as he can.

Dweezil's New Home

So fast forward to about a month or so ago when we were reading one of the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books. The main character Greg was talking about how he thought his neighbors kept having babies on purpose in attempts to film something funny at their birthday parties for the fictional version “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. Tyler stopped me midsentence and said, “Wait, you can have babies on purpose?”. Brian and I laughed and said yes, which led to Tyler saying, “Then make me a brother”. We laughed again, and reminded him that we were not having any more kids followed by the distraction of a dog. But guess what, I had run out of excuses. There were no cats and we were pretty settled in Abu Dhabi, not to mention the weather is now beautiful. Plus, we figured it would be really good for him at this point.

So now our family of 3 has become a family of 4. Tyler has named her Icee but I keep calling her Baby Girl, I told you I am bad with pet names. She got to come home this past Sunday and has been an extremely good dog so far.

She was brought to the shelter, get this, ON TYLER’S BIRTHDAY! A construction crew found her on their site and brought her in. She was microchipped but nobody ever came to claim her. They estimate that she was born in April of 2020 and had her listed as a Husky mix. She hasn’t been spayed yet, so we will have to schedule that in the next couple of weeks. I have only heard her bark once and that was when she needed to go outside. She has met a couple of dogs, one of the stray cats that live in our complex, and a baby, she did extremely well. She does get pretty distracted by the birds so I think that might be her weakness.

I was so nervous about getting a dog since we live in an apartment, you know the barking, the potty training, the socialization, and general responsibility, but she seems to be just the perfect dog for us. Welcome to the family Icee!


  1. I think Icee was meant to be a part of your family. You just had to travel alittle further than most to find this awesome girl! Have fun with her… love y’all !

  2. Welcome to the family Icee!!! She looks so sweet. I can’t wait to show the kids when they get home. Miss and love you guys!

    1. Thanks! Tyler has been asking for a zoom date with the kids. I told him it will be easier to coordinate when he goes on winter break in a couple of weeks. Love and miss you too!

  3. Aww congratulations! Beautiful girl-she looks part Shepherd. We might need to do a DNA for fun.
    I think she might need a bunch of squeaky toys for Christmas!!

  4. She is beautiful and Tyler looks so happy. How often does she go out and who does the honors at night? So happy for all of you.

    1. Thanks! We are still trying to figure out her walk/potty schedule, playing it pretty safe right now. Brian walks her in the morning while Tyler and I get him ready for school, we all walk her when we go down for Tyler’s bus, I walk her before lunch, she goes down with me for another walk in the afternoon to meet Tyler at the bus, we all walk her after her dinner, and then Brian takes her out for one last adventure before bed. That was probably more than you wanted to know, lol. She is pretty good on the leash but it is still new to her so Tyler is in training just as much as Icee is.

    1. Thank you! I still can’t get over how good she has been. She is showing more of her goofy side but hopefully she keeps up her good behavior while she comes out of her shell.

    1. Icee says hello back. We met 2 Golden Retrievers today, 1 reminded us of Tam. We also learned that there are 3 types of Golden Retrievers. I had no idea.

  5. This is the best news! I know a lot of husky loving kids that will be so excited for Tyler. I hope you don’t mind if I show the picture of Tyler and Icee to some of his classmates. Icee sounds perfect and like she was meant to be Tylers new buddy. I am so excited for Tyler and your family.

    1. Thanks! He is so excited. Wasn’t it you that did the lesson on Huskies? Feel free to share with the kids back home.

      1. Yes, it was me. Delaney from our class loved huskies and wanted to learn more about them so we had a “Husky Week.” We researched them on our iPads and did informational writings on them. We also did a directed drawing art project. By the end of the week we all loved huskies. I am excited to show the class the picture of Tyler and his husky. Please give Tyler a big hug from me.

        1. I was like 90% sure it was you. I remember his writing and his art and I saved them in his memory box. Tyler says hi, thanks for the hug,and asked if you could tell all the kids hi for him.

          1. She is gorgeous ! We are so happy for Tyler…… and you also. We noticed you said she was female. So when does Tyler get a brother?

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