Random Observations Part II

It is now November and the weather is still taunting me. There have been some lovely mornings and evenings but the past few days of humidity have made me bitter. It is very confusing to have the temperature in the morning be in the 70’s but not be able to enjoy it because the humidity is also in the 70’s. I still see the light at the end of the tunnel though, there a few days this coming week that the high temperatures are predicated to be in the 80’s. Hopefully, the humidity goes into hibernation so we can actually enjoy the lower temperatures on a regular basis. So please, enjoy as best you can, your Fall weather, your rain, and your snow. I hope you also enjoy more of my random observations, spoiler alert, Bobette now has eyes. Good luck with time change this weekend. This will be our first time not experiencing time change and I am very curious on if we will prefer it or not.

No Cable TV Commercials

Back home for the past let’s say 15 years, I have started my week day morning routine by watching local news. To be exact, San Diego channel 6, which started as Fox, changed to CW, and then CBS channel 8. I enjoyed the balance of national, local, and lighter news, not to mention, the anchors. Morning news just has such a different feel than evening news. Since COVID and working from home I started recording the CBS Morning show and putting that on in the background after the local morning news was over. Again, a great balance of news and great anchors. My point is, that I miss my news and have been trying to find a good replacement for it. So far, I have tried i24, OSN News, and Sky News. These are all ok, but still don’t have that morning news feel that I enjoy so much. This is a very long way of saying that I noticed there are no commercials on cable TV here, at least not in the way we are accustom to in the States. Sure, there are commercial breaks, but they are for the other programs that are going to be on the channel or repeated fluff pieces about travel. No cosmetic commercials, no law firm commercials, no car commercials, and most importantly, no pharmaceutical commercials. I mean, just think of all the illnesses, pills, and possible side effects that I should be talking to my doctor about, but can’t because I have no idea that they even exist, or that I could possibly be suffering from them. Just kidding, I don’t miss those at all and wish you all could experience this bliss.

Baby Street Lights

Some of the street lights here have had babies. I first noticed them back in August when we went to visit Tyler’s school and I am a little ashamed to say they brought me an unnatural amount of joy. By the time I noticed them it was too late for me to point them out to Brian and Tyler. That meant, for the next few car rides I was focused on finding them again so I could show them the unbelievable cuteness of baby street lights. When I finally was able to point them out to Brian I startled him with my excitement, luckily the light was red so no accidents were caused. When I pointed them out to Tyler I got a very impressive eye roll and a head shake of shame from him. Now I realize that these baby street lights serve a purpose, you know when you are at a light and have to crane your neck around so you can see when the light turns green, but I think the amount of joy that they bring is purpose enough. Brian doesn’t agree and wasn’t too thrilled that I made him drive to where they are so I could take a picture of them. He also wasn’t very happy when I failed to take the photo on the first pass and we had to circle back around for another try. This needed to be shared with all of you though. So I give you……….BABY STREET LIGHTS!!!

Googly Eye Takeover

Bobette’s googly eyes arrived a while back and at first I was a little disappointed. When I order the googly eyes I was so excited I didn’t pay attention to the various sizes. I mean the container came with three different sizes surely one of those sizes was going to be the perfect fit for Bobette. Well when I first saw how small they were I was concerned, but I thought it doesn’t hurt to try them on and see how they look. Turns out they were just the right size to make her look…………like a clown. Here is Bobette with her tiny googly eyes:

Bobette Robot Vacuum with Googly Eyes

Now, I want to give you time to process the image of Bobette before my touched up image, because once you see the after, you can’t not see it as a clown. So let me share with you one of the perks of having packages of googly eyes at your disposal, you start to see all the inanimate objects that scream “I need googly eyes”. Maybe this is just a result of reading and watching “Alice in Wonderland” too many times, I don’t know. Our new water cooler barely lasted one day before I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to give it the gift of sight. Brian and Tyler noticed by dinner time and thought I was crazy. I cannot confirm or deny if there are more googly eyed inanimate objects living their best life in our apartment because I must protect the innocent, plus I have lost count.

Water Cooler with Googly Eyes

I have been known to participate in office shenanigans that involved adding googly eyes to co-workers stuff before, but for some reason it never left the office until now. If I was back home and going out in public, I would be carrying googly eyes around in my purse so that I could give the gift of sight as I go about my day, but I don’t think they would appreciate that here. If any of you would like to take on this mission please let me know and I will happily send you some googly eyes. I just have to make sure that Brian doesn’t find my stash and confiscate it.

Ok, the moment you have been waiting for, Bobette the Clown!

Bobette the Clown

Miscellaneous Electrical

The lights to our apartment bathrooms are on the outside of the bathroom. This means I have to develop a new habit of turning the light on before I cross the bathroom threshold. This is a small change but change is hard and it is the little things that are the hardest. We have been here for almost 3 months and I still forget once in a while. It also reminds you to not invite practical jokers into your home because they might turn the lights off while you are in the bathroom. You know who you are!

Also there are no outlets in the bathrooms. I didn’t bring my hair dry because it was the wrong voltage and isn’t safe to use with a converter. I finally bought a hair dryer and realized I have to figure out where to dry my hair because there are no outlets in the bathrooms, none. At first I was drying it in the living room, I don’t really know why though, maybe because I put my makeup on in there while sitting on the couch watching the news. I have recently switched to drying it by the bed because the living room just didn’t feel right. I know I am strange but one day I will figure it all out.


  1. It was a lot worse. You couldn’t trust many of the cottage visitors I don’ know why every one picked on me, but I started to carry a flashlight into the bathroom with me!

    1. I don’t understand why every one would pick on you either, you poor mistreated thing. I am sure it wasn’t payback or anything like that, lol.

  2. To fun!! We need baby lights here! I usually need the sun visor down & can’t see the traffic lights without scrunching down to peek. I can not believe that Brian or Tyler would ever not be thrilled with your “special” insights. However Bobette & friends are still my favorite!

  3. Once again you outdid yourself. So funny. Chuck and I enjoyed seeing Bobette. She looks very happy. I must tell you, Sally set off our alarm system while we were out running errands. The motion detector in the living room was activated not once but twice. Fortunately Roy figured out what was happening and did not call the police. Chuck forgot to turn her off. Hope the weather cools off and the humidity goes away. Humidity is just the worst. Loved talking with you this morning and sorry it had to be so quick. Oh, our new doctor is really nice and I really like him. Love you!

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it and that you like your new doctor. Maybe you should get Sally a burglar mask since she keeps setting of your alarm, lol. Love you both!

  4. Well I certainly don’t know who would turn the bathroom light out on you But it does remind me of our family cottage when we finally had indoor plumbing the light switch was out side the door and frequently was turned off.
    Hope the weather changes soon for you I am sure it will be nice to spend sometime outside don’t forget your sunscreen

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