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It has been a while so I guess we can pretend I went on winter break or something. You know like when sitcoms go on break and when they return they do the “previously on” part at the beginning. Well, this blog is going to be like that but the blog posts only happened in my head. I realized that if I used social media more that these are all things that would have been posted there, but I don’t, so they weren’t. So, brace yourself while I do my best to catch up.

November – Adjusting to having a dog and our first Thanksgiving in Abu Dhabi.

Our first few weeks with Icee went pretty smoothly. Her and I got into a good routine during the day, me working and her napping. We have all really enjoyed having her around, plus she forces us to get outside and walk more. She has helped us meet lots of neighbors and their dogs. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming of both us and Icee.

We enjoyed a nice quiet Thanksgiving. Since Brian had to work and Tyler had school, not to mention the fact that I don’t really cook, we ordered a full Thanksgiving dinner. There were several restaurants that were catering to American expats for the holidays. There were options of dinning in, picking up, and having dinner delivered. We had our dinner delivered and it was delicious. We enjoyed turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, veggies, and rolls. The pies were pretty large and expensive so we opted for cookies instead. I really missed having pie, so I ordered us some for New Year’s Eve from a little bakery I found that does mini pies. Delicious!  

December – Still adjusting to having a dog and our first Christmas in Abu Dhabi.

We knew that having a dog is like having a toddler in the sense of their needs but we didn’t know that it is also like having a toddler in the sense that as soon as you get into a routine and figure things out, things change. Icee was dealing with a bunch of changes, Christmas decorations, getting spayed, Tyler being home for Winter break, and Brian being home on vacation. She handled it like a champ but we struggled to figure out what she was telling us she needed and when she needed it.

We did our best to enjoy the various Christmas decorations on Yas Island. Icee is working on being crate trained and since we live in an apartment, we haven’t left her alone still. That being said, she joined us on a couple of car rides to drive around and look at lights. She does great in the car so that makes it easy.

Like Thanksgiving, we had a nice quiet Christmas, but Brian decided to cook dinner instead of having something delivered. Brian cooked prime rib for himself, chicken for Tyler and I, mashed potatoes and gravy, Yorkshire pudding, and roasted vegetables. Kim, Brian’s mom, was very thoughtful and sent us an ebelskivers pan so Brian could make those for dessert. Very tasty but also dangerous on how many you can eat.

Editors note: Brian did take the opportunity to attend the whole F1 weekend here on Yas Island, but that is for another post.

January – Realization of the fact that we aren’t that adventurous

When this opportunity was presented to us, we thought sure, it will be an adventure. I now realize that we aren’t really that adventurous. Don’t get me wrong it has been really great being here, having less stress, less worries, and living in an all-around amazing place, but we aren’t the type of people that are going out every chance we get and taking it all in. Now to a certain extent we have always kind of been homebodies but I think that Covid has allowed us to become extra comfortable in our homebody lifestyle. So just like I prepared you all in the beginning to not expect me to try a lot of new foods, I guess I need to prepare you all for us not going on a lot of the adventures that life in the UAE has to offer. I mean, going out in the world can be exhausting. Covid has programed our brains to think it is to peopley out in the world but on top of that you have to wear shoes too. In all fairness though Icee does make adventuring a little more challenging too. So here are the few adventures we have had since my last post.

Kite Beach

For those of you that know me you are probably thinking, “Wow, Crystal went to a beach? That is really adventurous for her, she hates the beach.” This wasn’t your traditional beach adventure. Here almost all of the beaches that people go to are connected to a resort and you pay a small fee to get in. They are beautiful, with cabanas, food, drinks, bathrooms, towels, all sorts of great stuff. There are other beaches that are not maintained or connected to any resort that you can access for free. Those are mainly used by people fishing and can have a lot of trash on them though. There is one of those not too far from our apartment. It is called Kite Beach because it is known for being a great beach to go kitesurfing. Since we wanted to take the dog with us to the beach and let her run around on the trailing leash, we decided to go to Kite Beach. There are not that many place you can take dogs here in the UAE but that is probably a whole other blog post.

We enjoyed our little trip to Kite Beach. We wore sneakers since we weren’t too sure what to expect with the trash. We just took our happy selves, the dog, and the dogs travel bag. There were maybe 25 or so people fishing off the channel and on the beach. We ran into 5 or so people getting ready to go kitesurfing but didn’t see any out on the water yet. There was one family that had 3 kids that were just at the beach to play in the sand and waves. That was it! It was great! While we were walking along the beach Tyler picked up a few seashells. There were lots of jellyfish that had washed up on the beach, or got left on the beach when the tide went out, we aren’t sure which. The dog enjoyed the water but since we were just there to walk on the beach, we didn’t go in with her or anything. We think next time we will suit up and go play with her and see how she likes that.

Boomah, The Owl Café

Yep, an owl café my friends. It is amazing! It is hidden behind a small mall, Al Seef Mall, on the Al Seef Village Walk. It is such a cute little area and café. The café is made up of two small rooms, one room is the café and the other is where the owls are. The rooms are divided by a glass wall so while you drink your hot beverages and/or eat your snacks you can watch the owls. To go in the room with owls you pay about $25 per adult and then about $15 for a child. I really wish they sold memberships because I could go there again and again. The owls were so stinking cute and extremely soft. I will be going back even if I have to drag Brian and Tyler there. Don’t get me wrong, they enjoyed it but the experience seems to be more like a bucket list item instead of a “I need this in my life” kind of thing. So, for all of you thinking about coming to visit us, be warned, I am using you as an excuse to go back to Boomah. I don’t care if you are afraid of birds, yes Gail, I am talking to you, you will come with me to the owl café. Of course, I won’t make you go in with the owls, but I will make you watch me go love on the owls.

February and Beyond

I realized that February is now over and we have somehow made our way to March but I am going to do us all a favor and save that for the next blog because you don’t have time to read 4 months’ worth of stuff. I am surprised you made it through 3 months. So, I will leave you here with a teaser, do sitcoms even do teasers anymore? Maybe they do but since I stream all my shows, I don’t get to see them. Anyway here is your teasers for the February/March post that hopefully isn’t to far away, flamingos, optical illusions, covid, a kitten, and if I am lucky more owls.  


  1. Love so much reading of your adventures-(you are adventurous girl!)
    Thank you so much for sharing you, Brian, Tyler & Icee’s time a world away from us. Can’t wait air till the next one. (Don’t make us wait till next season ) Happy belated Anniversary to you and Brian. Love and miss!

  2. I really enjoy reading about the adventures – the pictures & those owls!
    You shouldn’t have gave the teaser for the next one – now I am patiently waiting

  3. Aww I miss you all so much! I love love love these blog posts! They really make me feel like I’m right there with you all! Icee sounds like the best little girl! I can just see you all for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, although I wish I could send you a pie or two . Tyler is getting so big!! Does he like his school?? Has he made lots of new friends?! Tell Brian not to work too much! I miss you all!! Big hugs!!!

    1. Thanks! I am glad you enjoy my ramblings, lol. We miss you guys too! I don’t know who I am more excited about introducing Icee and Gretta or Tyler and Tate. Yes, Tyler got to meet Tate before we left but he was itty-bitty. Tyler is really enjoying his school and has made a good handful of friends that he plays video games with and zooms, the playdate of Covid life. Hope you all are doing well. We miss you and send lots of hugs.

  4. So good to hear from you and hear how you are all doing. Interesting adventures with Thanksgiving and Christmas, for sure. Also, your dog is beautiful. Stay well.

  5. I would love to go see the owls and you never know I might surprise you. I also meet lots of people on my walks with Tam. Great way to make new friends. With time you will learn to understand Icee ❤️ I am glad that you a getting out for walks. Home is always good but Adventure is the spice of life. Give my love to Tyler and Brian.

    1. You can always see the owls from the café side of the glass wall, or you could come give them some love. If it makes you feel any better I think they clip their wings so they can’t fly. It is hilarious how with kids and dogs you learn the kids/dogs names but not the parents. It is really awkward to ask someone their name after you have “known” them for months.

  6. This made my day! Love all the pictures and the descriptions of the adventures. The owls are adorable and I would go with you if I could.

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