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This is One of Many Potential Futures

My gaming and content logo for MBGSD.

One of Tyler’s favorite ways to pass time is watching online videos. While I have mixed feelings on the pros and cons of allowing him to watch online videos as a major source of his technology intake, one thing has become glaringly obvious. Tyler wants be a “YouTuber”. That what most of his generation calls it, but I prefer the more encompassing label of content creator. Now this is not a job that you go to school or technical training to be. It’s all about being inspired and learning as you go. That learning as you go is definitely something I could jump on board. Especially since I tend to pick up ‘hobbies’ left and right as time goes on.

How it started…

I did delve into this one a little harder and quicker than others, but I’m having fun and Tyler gets to learn. We started with just recording the two of us playing and then playing back the recordings for a ‘private’ viewing. Some of my friends got wind of what we were doing and asked to see what we had come up in our content. I just couldn’t let it go. As with any itch, I scratched. I bought the basic equipment. Went and finally setup my YouTube channel beyond a video or two (It’s been a long time since those Halloween videos went up..). Then came posting online. The first handful of my posted videos where me messing around and learning my system to create ‘better’ content. Those videos are out there now, and I must admit it was fun. I don’t necessarily always feel the urge to make more content, but the ideas don’t necessarily stop coming. My Steam account has grown happy with all the possibilities lurking in both my wish lists and collection for new videos.

Content Desktop
Here’s my workstation, when Crystal hasn’t taken over for her real work. Notice the ever present coffee to keep the creative juices going.

Advances in comfortability…

Tyler has finally broken down my hesitance on posting those original videos of us. I’ve decided to finally add them to my channel for him to share with his friends and family. There are lessons to be learned here for him. The first was a big one in patience. He struggles to wait for each video to drop on Saturdays. (What? Waiting for the next episode of your favorite show. It’s like he has no concept of broadcast TV. Wait, he doesn’t.) He might have a better understanding that creating content is not all about clicking a button and being done. And, above all else, how bored he gets with the between playing games ‘stuff’ that needs to be done. I think he looks at the videos of his favorite content creators a little more different now. This is more obvious by all the people they show in there ‘in real life (IRL)’ videos. It hasn’t made him turn away, which I find encouraging, but he understands that it takes hard work and some creative juices to make any sort of content he can make a living making (at least that’s what I hope).

MBGSD & Tyler Logos
Combined logos for content featuring Tyler.


Consider this the official, and long overdue, launch of my YouTube Channel – MBGSD Plays. Enjoy the first video posted on the channel featuring Tyler (his subject and drive, me doing the technical stuff). Then check out the other videos by visiting @MBGSDPlays on YouTube. Right now Tyler’s content drops every Saturday at 6am PST. My standalone content drops infrequently right now but usually Wednesdays at 6am PST when it does. Remember to “Like and Subscribe” to be altered to our new content as it posts.

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