The Haunted Tiefling – Tethren Torment

Lacking great stature but neither small like a halfling. Tethren does anything but blend in with the crowd. As he pulls back his cloak’s hood his silvery antlers glitter in the light. Immediately after you get lost in the bottomless pit of his all black eyes. He can command the room with ease only with his presence. His white skin with a slight blue hue and only darker blue hair pay homage to the ice peaks from a past long ago. Given his past, he is slow to make companions. Often found sitting in the silent corners of any given tavern alone. Observing the coming and goings in silence. There is something that gives anyone chills when first laying eyes on him, but also a sense of security. Tethren Torment feels like a fallen soul you don’t want, but deep down you know you need with you.

Tethren first chapter started alone in a remote region within the Spine. Sensing something unique about the small creature, the mage Arkalis adopted him. He choose to raise him in the foothills north of Luskan. His master traveled into Luskan on a regular basis. Yet, he forbade his young apprentice from ever visiting the town out of some un-named fear. As Tethren grew he began to develop magical abilities. Abilities that his master found hard to control.

Around Tethren’s 25th birthday, his story took a turn. Practicing simple spells alone by the fireside of his chambers, a great light engulf him. As the light turned to intense heat Tethren lost consciousness. He awoke in the charred ruins of what was once his home. Panicked, Tethren scrambled to where his master’s bedchamber should have been but found. Nothing put coals and ash. Tethren made waited, not knowing if his master had yet returned from his last journey into Luskan. After 5 days, longer than ever left alone, Tethren only assumed the worst.

For the next 10 years, Tethren wandered the lands of Faerun. Making all attempts to control his abilities and avoid more disaster his life’s work. He does not understand where his powers come from nor what they may do moving forward. His known past haunts him, but something more, hidden deep down, is struggling within him. Why is he…. why does he… feel like a living Torment.

AlignmentChaotic Neutral
Height5′ 4″ (163cm)
Weight100 lbs (45 kg)

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