Trouble in Phandalin – Session 2

It was not the best of the nights in and around Cragmaw Hideout for our adventurers.  Between nursing their wounds and the smell of goblin remains emanating from the cave, sleep was hard to come by.  In the morning, Ekim and Sylla retrieved the wagon from its hiding spot while the remainder of the group started to pull their loot from the cave.  While resting in the wagon Sildar noticed the blue lion stamp on some of the crates for the first time. ‘Those belong to the Lionshield Coster’ are the first words Sildar had said since his rescue.  ‘There…


The Job – Session 1

A man limps up the notice board, burdened with a satchel full of paper and nails.  Without a care as to the previous papers cluttering the surface, he places the newest announcement as close to the center as he cares to attempt.  The sound of his pin hammer echoes across the square.  Tap, tap, tap.  Tap, tap, tap.  Tap, tap, tap.  The nosier of the locals crowd around to be the first to know the newest gossip.  “Brave Adventurers wanted.  Escort duties to Phandalin.  Easy money for a few days…”  As the initial crowd disperses, the cloaked figure steps from…


The Haunted Tiefling – Tethren Torment

Lacking great stature but neither small like a halfling. Tethren does anything but blend in with the crowd. As he pulls back his cloak’s hood his silvery antlers glitter in the light. Immediately after you get lost in the bottomless pit of his all black eyes. He can command the room with ease only with his presence. His white skin with a slight blue hue and only darker blue hair pay homage to the ice peaks from a past long ago. Given his past, he is slow to make companions. Often found sitting in the silent corners of any given…

Gaming, Life, Technology

This is One of Many Potential Futures

One of Tyler’s favorite ways to pass time is watching online videos. While I have mixed feelings on the pros and cons of allowing him to watch online videos as a major source of his technology intake, one thing has become glaringly obvious. Tyler wants be a “YouTuber”. That what most of his generation calls it, but I prefer the more encompassing label of content creator. Now this is not a job that you go to school or technical training to be. It’s all about being inspired and learning as you go. That learning as you go is definitely something…


My First Year Living Abroad in Abu Dhabi

March 2022 marked my first year living and working abroad from the US.  It has definitely been one of those years that did not feel like a year.  It could be all the change or the challenging new work, but regardless I have fully enjoyed my time in Abu Dhabi.  Let me go over some of the highlights for this past year and hint at some of the things I hope to experience during year two. A new city, country, and cultures were the first experiences I had this past year.  I can honestly look back with 20/20 hindsight and…


Here is what you missed on……

It has been a while so I guess we can pretend I went on winter break or something. You know like when sitcoms go on break and when they return the do the previously on part at the beginning. Well, this blog is going to be like that but the blog posts only happened in my head. I realized that if I used social media more that these are all things that would have been posted there, but I don’t, so they weren’t. So, brace yourself while I do my best to catch up.


Family of 3 Becomes Family of 4!

We got a dog! If you thought it was something else than you clearly don’t know me very well. One and done parents right here. Anyway, we went to the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter a few days ago and Tyler just fell in love with a Husky mix. He really started liking Siberian Huskies over a year ago when he had a class assignment about them. Every time I would see a video of a Husky doing something cute and slightly annoying, I would show him so he could see how talkative and annoying they could be. I thought I…


Random Observations Part II

It is now November and the weather is still taunting me. There have been some lovely mornings and evenings but the past few days of humidity have made me bitter. It is very confusing to have the temperature in the morning be in the 70’s but not be able to enjoy it because the humidity is also in the 70’s. I still see the light at the end of the tunnel though, there a few days this coming week that the high temperatures are predicated to be in the 80’s. Hopefully, the humidity goes into hibernation so we can actually enjoy the lower temperatures on a regular basis. So please, enjoy as best you can, your Fall weather, your rain, and your snow. I hope you also enjoy more of my random observations, spoiler alert, Bobette now has eyes. Good luck with time change this weekend. This will be our first time not experiencing time change and I am very curious on if we will prefer it or not.


Yas Island Theme Park Adventures

Well, we are finally down to the mid 90’s, so the weather is still an obstacle for us but supposedly any day now it will change. I find myself checking the weather a few times per day to see how hot and humid it is, or is going to be. I also look to see if there is anything in the 10-day forecast to get excited about. The anticipation is driving me crazy. In spite of the weather we got out and about a little this past week since Tyler was off of school for his mid-term break.